We specialise in consulting, facilities management and the design and development of custom-made software and management solutions for all your business requirements.


We will analyse your business and/or computer requirements and develop a solution to meet your needs; starting from the design phase though to development, hardware and software implementation, training and support.
We undertake feasibility studies, systems analysis, system definition, negotiation of contracts on behalf of clients, project management and facilities management.
We have experience in many fields including Engineering, Retail, Distribution, Medical Aid Schemes, Insurance and Traffic Offence Management. Our clients range from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporates.

Mission Statement

We seek to implement computer systems for our clients which meet their needs, add value to their businesses and enhance their competitive advantage.
We seek to ensure that the packages we develop and/or install have the right fit for the business' needs and are cost effective in the long-run.
With skills we are able to guide our clients into making the correct decisions, both for software, hardware and facilities. Subsequently, we use our project management skills to ensure that the implementation is smooth and completed according to schedule.

Areas of expertise

We have been active in the fields of facilities management and computer consulting since 1984, concentrating our efforts in the fields of project engineering; manufacturing and distribution of engineering products; and the distribution, repair and warranty of electronics. Subsequently we have broadened our area of expertise to the retail, insurance, multi-level marketing, medical aid schemes, and medical distribution industries, as well as many others.
We employ contractors with specific skills to complete the different projects that are assigned to us.