We have been active in the computer consultancy field since 1984.

Our fields of specialisation are project management, distribution, manufacturing ERP & MRPII, engineering and financial systems.

We undertake feasibility studies, system analysis, system definition, and negotiation of contracts on behalf of our clients, project management and facilities management.

A typical project will comprise the analysis of the client's requirements, matching of those requirements to the computer systems available in the market place, selection, contract negotiation and management of the implementation of the system, both hardware and software implementation.

Consulting assignment examples:
  • Management consulting
    • Retail group rescue team
  • Facilities management and consulting
    • Bowthorpe Hellerman
  • IT infrastructure and architecture consulting
    • Blackwood Hodge
    • Outdoor Media
    • Syntell
  • Marketing consulting
    • Retail distribution (GGC)
  • Software policy and acquisition consulting
    • Blackwood Hodge
    • Syntell
  • Data analytics
    • Analysis and design of dashboards and data presentation methodologies to show useful and meaningful information from raw mobile data capture data
    • SalesPOD / Repsly