An Android based mobile data capture facility that communicates simple or complex data from the field back to a central server which can then be used to consolidate / disseminate that information to decision makers and other users.

The communication between the server and the devices is two-way handling authentication, static data, data transfer and reports

The system can be configured to collect any data in the field with optional image(s) and GPS automatically stamped on the transaction:

  • Maintenance crew job card issue and completion
  • Geographically dispersed activities for later statistical analysis
    • The classic Pakistani “eradicate mosquito breeding stagnant water’ project for example
  • Inventory, counting, issues and the like
  • Citizen / local authority interaction
    • Crash sites
    • Maintenance requests
    • Meter reading
    • Polls on current affairs
    • Pothole reporting
    • Traffic issues
    • Once the data has been collected on the server it can then be processed either to collate and transport the data to some legacy system or to run various data analytics exercises to determine trends and other useful information.

      In the Pakistani example quoted above until the system was used to correlate reported stagnant water pools with the sanitary crews spraying schedule there was no way of determining whether the crews ever sprayed the pools they were supposed to! As soon as the system was implemented the incidence of malaria dropped dramatically.