The core system
The core system is a module based website that allows the client the functionality needed to administer their eCommerce solution and process orders. The key modules of this system are:
  • Security
  • User Management
  • Product Catalogue
  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment Gateway
  • Administration functionality
  • Client order management.

Branding can be enhanced or changed to suit your eCommerce solution and according to your brand.

A key step in the process is ensuring that our core modules flow correctly and efficiently with your business processes and requirements.

Payment Gateways
The core modules incorporate the base payment gateway infrastructure that can be used by your customers to pay for processed orders. You may already have a different payment method in place or have identified other payment methods that will need to be provided; thus we are able to include other SDK’s into the payment gateway. Our payment gateway has to be customised to call the gateway defined in your merchant account with one of the major banks. Your bank will generally determine which gateway is to be used.

We recommend hosting on our servers for a number of reasons:
  • Support:
    Our philosophy with support: Friendly, fast and efficient.
  • Networks:
    Our servers are connected directly to backbones of major network carriers warranting some of the fastest speeds and most reliable connections available.
  • Security:
    With the state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures the safest shared web hosting environment possible, some of our core strategies include:
    • Firewalls
    • Windows security patches and updates installed immediately.
    • Comprehensive CPU & Memory management utilities
    • Anti Virus systems.
    • Daily full backups.

Hosting is client specific and is dependent on a number of factors (speed, CPU, disk space, bandwidth) required.

Maintaining an eCommerce solution is very specific to the client and the requirements of the client. We will work closely with you to design the best fit maintenance package required. There are two main options: A monthly support contract that identifies a certain number of support hours a month with agreed turnaround times. A time and material support contract.