International and South Africa

M.R. Stalberg – Programme Director – SAIM diploma; MBA degree UCT 1972; 40 years post graduate experience. Since 1982 in the computer industry – experience with many diverse systems
D.L. Stalberg – Technical Director – B. Business Science degree & Honours in Information Systems UCT 1989; Old Mutual programmer – 3 years; Teaching Diploma UNISA; 5 years Mathematics and Computer Science teaching experience. Since 1997 in the computer industry

South Africa

G.R. Gaffley – Marketing consultant; B.Sc Geology 1980, MBA 2009 Unilever and other major companies. Involved in many diverse consulting projects, including Cadbury’s and others

PRC Shanghai – Senior staff

A. Pan – Senior System Analyst – +10 years post university experience + BSc Computer
C. Lu – Product Lead Specialist / Lead test engineer - +10 years post university experience + BSc Mechanical Engineering
J. Zhu – Senior Technical Lead - + 10 years post university experience + BSc Computer Science

Our existing facility can take up to 30 programmers and additional staff can be added after 30 days’ notice in terms of our outsourcing contract